Wednesday, January 1, 2014

PatriciaA's Pay It Forward

Part one: What is Pay It Forward? 
Pay it Froward is doing some random acts of kindness to a friend,a stranger,and even a family member.
You could give someone a note with something nice inside, help around the house or give a random stranger a cookie, its could be anything to brighten someones mood up and do something nice to someone else.

Part 2: 
My paw it Froward was giving a nice note to one of my neighbors.One of the notes said"
You Made it through 2013! This is for the people who didn't make it through 2013>You're so lucky to have made it.I did this on the first day of the New year so the note I
  mentioned was on the date.

Part Three:
My act of kindness went grate, I felt good that I gave the notes I made. Um.....I dint see there reaction since I just put it on their mailboxes.I did put "Pay it Forward" on their notes but I didn't actually say to them directly Pay it Forward.

Part four: 
Pay it Forward is important is because what if someone life is terrible and they never felt the kindness that people they love give them and there alone in the world.So if i give a random act of kindness to three people that random act of kindness have better day so they pass it on to three more people and its a whole ripple affect of kindness.        

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