Monday, January 13, 2014

Julius' Pay it forward

 Julius' pay it forward

Part 1:
Pay it forward is when you do something nice for 3 three people, and they do it for 3 other people and this chain becomes even bigger. You do this to either make them feel good or help them with something.

Part 2a:
My pay it forward was babysitting my baby cousin since her parents were shopping for Christmas. My parents couldn't do it because they were picking up my aunt from the airport. I babysat my cousin for an hour until my parents took over. I did this on December 23rd.

Part 2b:
I chose to do this because my cousin's parents were away and she cries a lot when her parents aren't here and I wanted to hear her laugh not cry

Part 2c:
I helped my my aunt and my uncle because they were too taken up in the Christmas rush

Part 2d:
I did this on December 23rd

Part 3a:
there were a few rough spots here and there, since i haven't babysat anyone, but overall it went very well.

Part 3b:
When my cousin laughed instead cried it put a big smile on face and it made me feel very nice.

Part 4:
Pay it forward is something that has probably gone over some peoples head and they just wiped it off as another idea. But this could become something more and if everyone did this the world would feel happier.

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