Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Subtracting Integers Scribe Post

When using integers, an easy way to understand the process of adding and subtracting them are by using the words remove, and, owe and have. Remove represents the subtraction sign (-). And represents the addition sign (+). Owe represents negative integers (-4) and have represents positive integers (+4 or 4).

-1 - (-4) =

To solve this equation, it would be best to first write out the equation in words.

owe 1 remove owe 4 =

Next would be to draw the equation using integer chips.
_  _ _ _ _

Now since you cannot subtract negative integers, you must make a zero pair.
_ _ _ _
+ + + +

Now that you have a zero pair, you may now remove the negative integers.

+ + + +

Now all that's left is the 4 positive integers and 1 negative integer.
+ + + +

Once again you must remove the zero pairs which will leave you with the answer.

+ + +

-1 - (-4) = 3

Here are the steps altogether.

To know whether it is an addition equation or a subtraction equation, just remember that if 2 subtraction signs are beside each other, it is a subtraction equation.

Here is a video to further understand subtracting integers.


  1. I like how you made this post really simple yet detailed at the same time. It was easy for me to understand! Good job, Angel! :)

  2. Great job! i liked how you explained "remove" "owe" and "have" it makes it more easier to understand. i also like your picture, simple and easy to understand. Also thanks for the tips on my post! Great Job!




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