Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Gabby's Integer Scribe Post

 Integers: Scribe blog review

Yesterday we learned basic information about integers.We learned that you don't add when dealing with integers but you combine, we learned how to make sentences out of the math questions, how to put them in a number line, and we learned that:(Basic how to add integers)

Have = +
Owe = -


Today was a follow up  of that ^. Today we learned:

Training wheels be gone, welcome to grade 8! ;) :

  When writing a integers question or answering one you don't need to put brackets around a positive number. 
(-8) + 2 is the same thing as (-8) + (+2)

Instead of writing it as:
Owe 8 and have 2 = Owe 6
You have to write it as:
Owe 8 have 2 = Owe 6

If this was applied nothing will change. It's just a way of not wasting time and to have a more "advanced"approach towards the question. This is called standard form. 

The caterpillar...

You can always just re-write the question with the "training wheels" (brackets). This is for the beginners who need a bit more time to develop. This phase is not needed if you understand the concept.

Note: Remember that if a number is in a bracket without an operation it is considered as a "have"/positive.

Warm up questions we had for today:

(-10) + (6) = (-4)
Owe 10 and have 6 = owe 4
(-8) + 2 = -6
Owe 8 have 2 = owe 6

-8 + 7 =-1
Owe 8 have 7 = owe 1


  1. I liked how you showed and labeled the tiles. You did an excellent work on telling and showing of what this concept is about. Next time change ''O'' and "H'' into "-'' and ''+''. But I still know what you mean whit the "H" and the"O". All you need to do is add a video and your scribe will be complete.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I couldn't find a video for this scribe post, sorry. It just gave me random information about exponents every time I try to get a video about the brackets.

  2. I really liked how you included "Training wheels be gone, welcome to grade 8!" and your definition is really good, i really understand what you're trying to say. Also your pictures are really good. I really understand them and they're well written. Great Job!




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