Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ian's Pay It Forward

Part 1

Pay It Forward is a random act of kindness to anyone. You do something good for them and they do good for 3 other people. The chain gets bigger and bigger.

Part 2

For my Pay It Forward, I volunteered at Winnipeg Harvest. I chose this activity because Winnipeg Harvest helps a lot of people so I wanted to help at Winnipeg Harvest. We sorted different kinds of bread that will be distributed to people in need. I did my act of kindness in December 28 2013.

Part 3

It went really well. There was other people volunteering, doing many things. I felt good for volunteering. They felt proud of us because we wanted to help other people in a young age. They are already helping other people because they were working or volunteering there. I did not ask them because they are already doing an act of kindness.

Part 4

The idea of Pay It Forward is important because doing a random act of kindness to a friend, family or someone you don't know is good.  The person that you did an act of kindness may do a random act of kindness to another person too which will keep people happy. I don't know if my act of kindness has made a difference yet.

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