Monday, January 6, 2014

Sherilyn's Pay It Forward

Part 1: What is Pay It Forward?

Pay it forward is an act of kindness to a stranger, friend or relative. You spread the kindness with 3 people or even more the 3 people with do the same and it just get bigger, which will go on and on with no ending.

Part 2
 My Pay it forward of kindness was making letters to my closest friends and saying how thankful I am to be friends with them. I did it with Jules, Mika, and Katrina but we made our own separate cards. (The picture below is Jules' cards.)
  Jules thought of the idea because she thought it was a good way to thank our friends for all the great stuff they did for us. I gave my letters to Dani, Rona, Gabby, Seemeen, Janette, Rona, Patty and Zoe because they are my best friends and the people I helped. I wrote in the letters "I'm thankful for.." and putting the reason why I'm thankful for that person. I made the cards at January 3 and gave the letters at January 6.

Part 3:
My act of kindness went really well, my friends were really happy and thankful too. Their reaction when they were done reading was being thankful also saying "Oh my gosh.." and they hugged me making me feel so warm-hearted, and seeing their reaction when they are done reading my letter. I didn't ask them to do it Pay it Forward because they already knew what we had to do, but if they didn't know I already know that they would do an act of kindness.

Part 4
The idea of Pay if forward is important because it can help change a lot of people in a good way, and also making other people tearing up effect. My pay it forward didn't really make a difference but it made my friends have different emotions to me because it make them think of a kind loveable person.

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