Monday, December 30, 2013

Jonathan Lu and Raymond Bautista Pay it Forward

Our Pay it Forward act of kindness was to brighten people's day with kind messages. We chose this activity because we wanted to make people think positively and to encourage them to do something nice to other people in the future. For our act of kindness, we are going to help random strangers in one street. We placed sticky notes that have positive sayings onto people's mailboxes. We did this random act of kindness on December 12 and December 16.

Our endeavor went well because we made a few people happy and it also made us delighted. We stuck notes on peoples mailboxes and made some people very happy. I felt really joyful inside because I know that the people are happy and some even gave us positive feedback. One of the strangers was really happy about what we did and it made his day. Probably some other people felt the same way. We did tell him to ''pay it forward'' and gave a little explanation on what ''pay it forward" is about. The person agreed to take part of ''pay it forward'' sometime in the New Year.

I think the idea of ''pay it forward'' is important because people need to help others to make a difference in the world in a positive way. Without ''pay it forward'', everything would be the same and nothing would get better. We need the world to be a better place for everyone. Our act of kindness made a difference because people were happy and they will do the same to others. If that kept on going the whole world will be a positive, happy, safe place to live in.

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