Monday, January 6, 2014

Jules' Pay It Forward

What is Pay it Forward?
Pay it forward is an act of kindness to a stranger, friend, or relative.You spread your kindness to 3 people and then those 3 people will spread their kindness onto another 3 people and you get the point.

My Pay it Forward act of kindness was to write thank you cards to my close friends with Sherry, Mika, and Katrina except we made separate cards. I chose this activity because it was a really great idea and a good way to thank my friends for all the great stuff they do for me. The people I helped were my best friends Nina, Jordynne, Seemeen, Rona, Patricia, Janette, Zoe, Gabby, Mika, Sherry, Katrina, and Dani. What I did was I wrote a paragraph of what I was going to put inside, I made the cards out of paper, decorated their names on them, and then on January 6 when school started I gave it to them. I did my act of kindness on January 3.

My act of kindness went really well. I gave them the cards and they were really thankful and happy. I felt really warm-hearted making them and watching their reaction. Their reaction was them hugging me, saying thank you, and some of them acted serious. I didn't physically ask them to Pay it Forward because I already wrote in the card explaining to do it and what it is.They reacted by reading it in the card or saying 'okay'.

The idea of Pay it Forward is a good idea because it's a good way for people to spread their kindness to other people making almost like a 'tear drop' effect. My act of kindness has made a difference on how my friends think of me because it makes them think of me as a more thoughtful kind of person, I think. It made them happy.

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