Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ainsley's Pay It Forward

Part 1:
Pay it Forward is when you share an act of kindness. In the movie, Pay It  Forward, it shows that it's supposed to have a ripple effect. It starts off and it goes by threes but in our case, it doesn't really matter. It doesn't mean you just think about it and share an idea, you actually do it. The things you do would be kind, helpful, or maybe even generous but afterall, you do it for no reason but to feel good. You don't get paid but you get rewarded with most likely - a smile.

Part 2:
My Pay it Forward act of kindness is was handing out cards and candy canes! The cards had friendly holiday greetings in them. Amanda and I chose this activity because we figured it would be such a simple and easy task yet so thoughtful and kind. It's not everyday where you find an unexpected but super friendly card in your mailbox! Even though it was nice of us to do that, we didn't really "help" anybody. The purpose of this was to make people smile and pass along good vibes. We handed out the cards and candy canes on the 30th of December and on January 3.

Part 3:
Our act of kindness went pretty well. It was really easy putting them in peoples' mailboxes and it was actually pretty fun, which you could tell by the videos. Amanda and I were super cold but we made the best of it! While doing this project, I felt super kind yet cold at the same time. Not cold as in mean and negative but cold as in temperature wise. It was about -30 on that day but having Amanda with me just made it better. I felt kind because we were just volunteering to do all of this. Even though it was for a project, we didn't get paid and we didn't expect to! On that day, I was really happy because I felt so generous and after all, if you know Amanda and I, there's never a dull moment. Anyway, we didn't see how they people reacted because we just left the cards and candy canes in their mailboxes so hopefully they see them. But, in the cards, we did mention to pay it forward so hopefully that gives them an idea.

Part 4: 
The idea of Pay It Forward is important because it's not a negative act, it's a positive act. This shows that no matter how young, old, tall, or short you are, you could do it and it will lead to a positive impact. It could lead to a bunch of smiles and it will also show who you could be and who you truly are. Our act of kindness might have not made a big difference but it might have gave people ideas and maybe even motivated them to pay it forward as well. This might have made them think that something so small can make anyone's day.

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