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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Angel's Multiplying Integers Scribe Post

One way of figuring out a multiplication integer equation is by using a number line.

For example: 6b) (+3) x (-6)

You first have to make a line with arrows facing outward on both ends and place a zero anywhere on the line. 

Next you have to make an arrow going left if it's negative and right if it's positive (in our case it's left) and label it -6. 

We do this two more times so we have three groups of -6. 

Where the arrow has ended will determine your answer which is -18.

Here is a picture showing all the steps:

Another way of figuring out a multiplication integer equation is by using the sign rule. 

For example: 8a) (+10) x (+4)

It is best to first multiply the numerals without thinking about the integers so 10 x 4 = 40.

Now look at your integers. If the two integers are the same, then the product is positive. If the two integers are different, they are negative. 

In our equation, the integers are both positives so the answer will be +40. 

Now let's do this with different integers.

For example: 8c) (-7) x (+5)

First we multiply the numerals: 7 x 5 = 35

Then we look at the integers and since the two integers are different, the product is negative which means the answer is -35.

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  1. Great job explaining what to do and how to get your answer on a number line, it would also be good if you showed it in the tiles way also and add a video, but i liked your explanation. Very simple easy to follow, i really liked it.




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