Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Julius' scribe post

Julius' scribe post

Multiplying Integers

first we learned to multiply two positives together. To multiply positives you multiply them. But you have to show your work.

For example:

(+3)x(+4)= +12

to show your work you have to write out: (number) groups of (number)

3 groups of 4

You also have to model the question. To model you must have a certain number of groups containing a certain number of positives/negatives. But it is not a group unless you circle the groups. Then show that they are arriving

(++++) (++++) (++++)<-------

Multiplying negatives

To multiply negatives you do the same thing except with a negative.
For example:

(2)x(-3)= -6
2 groups of negative 3

(---) (---)<----

If the first number is a negative then the words start with remove

(-4)x(3)= -12
remove 4 groups of 3
to do this we need to have zero pairs
--- --- --- ---
(+++) (+++) (+++) (+++)
then make 4 groups of 3 positives. And then show that the positives/negatives are going away by making a arrow pointing away from the groups.
(+++)----> (+++)-----> (+++)-----> (+++)---->

f you are still feeling confused here is a video

feel free to criticize and correct me 

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  1. Great job Julius, i really liked how you explained what to do and kept it short and easy to understand. I also think the way you described multiplying negative and positive integers, i really understood your concept.




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