Sunday, January 5, 2014

Joshua's Pay It Forward

Part 1
"Pay it forward" means to do a good deed, or to do a random act of kindness to 3 and each one of them will help/do another good deed to other 3 people, which it will makes a chain and that chain will get bigger and bigger, if people keeps doing good deeds.

part 2
My pay it forward act of kindness is shoveling my neighbors and my friends' front and backyard. I chose this activity because it snowed several days and I want to help them, so they don't need to worry a shoveling their own back and front yard and focus what they need to do. I helped my neighbors and my friends. I shoveled the snow, on their back yard to their front yard. I did the act of kindness in January 5,2014.

Part 3
My act of kindness went exactly well. My neighbors thank me, for helping them shovel their back and front yard. I felt really happy, because I helped someone and made their day easier. They react surprise, because some people are doing good deeds to other people. I just ask them if they could do an act of kindness to other people and they said sure, they react pretty confident saying yes, because it showed them how it's really important to help other people.

Part 4
I think the idea of  pay it forward is important because if we help people, that people will do something nice to other people and it will make the world better and nicer. I think my act of kindness made a difference because it changed how I act kind and help to people.

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