Thursday, January 9, 2014

joshua's integer scribe post

How to solve Integers

First Question:
write the question down
5-2= 3

First Step:
write the question in words:
have 5 and owe 2 = have 3

Second Step:
use the tiles to show or help you how to get the answer.
have 5 positive tiles and have 2 owe tiles
   +++++                              --
use zero pair
5 =+++++
2 = - -          
(the highlighted in green means to remove)
 and now it's only gonna have 3 positive tiles which means the answer will be 3.

Second Question:
write down the question

First Step:
Write the question in words:
owe 4 and owe 4 = owe 8

Second Step:
pretty much straight forward
it has both negatives which means you just need to have add the both numbers together and since it's negative (owe) your gonna make the answer negative by just putting a "-".

Third Question:
Write down the question

First Step:
Write the question in words
have 7 remove owe 9 = 16

Second Step:
 Use tiles to show or help to get the answer
have 7 positive tiles and remove 9 negative tiles
use the zero pair, have the negative match to the positive
7= +++++++
-9= - - - - - - - - -  = removed
after remove all the negatives and leave the positives
then add the whole positive which it will be 16
so the answer to 7=(-9) is 16

Fourth Question:
write the question down

First Step:
write the question in words
have 10 and have 4 = have 14

Second Step:
use the tiles to show or help you how to get the answer.
have 10 positive tiles and have 4 positive tiles
it pretty much straight forward, just add the two number and the will be the answer,
so  the answer to 10 + 4 is 14.


  1. I liked how you explain each and every step to get the answer for a question like this for subtracting and adding integers. To make this better you should add a video about integers and put more pictures to explain how you got the answers. Anyway. Good Job.

  2. I really like how you show the steps in order. I know what you're saying and I understand how to remove integers. However you didn't say ''owe'' or ''have'' on one of your First Step. It was ''have 7 remove owe 9 =16''. 16 can either be a ''have'' or an ''owe'' which can be misleading. Also you need a video about what you taught me. This was excellent and I love the effort you put into it. Keep up the great work!!!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I think this is a good and simple scribe post. It was easy to figure out and you didn't make it too complicated to understand. Good job! :)

  5. Good job! I like how you didn't go far into detail and kept it simple, you went with the easier approach and it really helped ... don't forget to add the number lines next time!

  6. good job! it's easy to understand, simple, and just saying i love the color blue you chose. But back on topic, your explanation was great, sometimes i forget to add steps but this really helps those who are struggling, remember add a video. You did a great job on keeping it short and sweet, but very understandable and detailed at the same time. good job!




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