Saturday, January 4, 2014

Josh J.'s Pay It Forward

Part One

The act to "Pay It Forward" means to do a good deed just because....Once the good deed is done, the receiver of the good deed must do a good deed to 3 other people to continue on the positive chain. This chain keeps on getting bigger and bigger due to the fact that it spreads out by 3 for each person it reaches to.
For example, if we start with 1 person, that person must do it to 3 people. Then those 3 people must do a good deed to 3 other people. That's already a ton of people involved within the chain!

Part Two

Our Act of kindness was to raise money and to donate the money to a good cause. In our cases, we raised $84.00 from selling a Filipino dessert called "Puto" to our family and friends. We then donated the $84.00 to Winnipeg Harvest, near Lucky Supermarket. We chose to do this as our act of kindness because we thought that Winnipeg Harvest would have the potential to enlarge the Pay it Forward community by a ton since they do help out around the community anyway. We also chose this as our act of kindness because our group (Patrick, Marc, Denzel, and Me) all wanted to at least have fun while doing this act (Baking). We also not only helped Winnipeg Harvest, but our families bellies as well! We filled their bellies with joy and good taste!
In this act, I made the video and found the venue to where we can all work, and of course I helped a little bit in the cooking. This all took place on Dec 27, and on Jan 2


Part Three

Our Act of Kindness went well. It barely took any bravery to enter a building we never entered because of the great hospitality at Winnipeg Harvest. Everyone had a fun time cooperating with the staff at Winnipeg Harvest and we all had fun just meeting each other! When we got their everything went smooth or to as planned. We gave them the money, said that we were donating, and how Pay It Forward works. Luckily they accepted the money and considered not only us as good people, but the school itself as good people. When we gave the money, I felt accomplished. I never thought we would have the guts to just even go inside Winnipeg Harvest. Sometimes I get really shy when I have to work with things that I'm not even familiar with at all. When we gave the money, the person at the front desk seemed shocked. She right away asked where we came from and we all answered "Sargent Park School". The lady said that she knew where our school was in a way that made me feel like she knew we were coming. It's like Sargent Park is a partner with the world! We didn't ask the lady who accepted the money to Pay it Forward because forcing them to do so isn't really that pleasant and it doesn't add up to a good first impression, so I thought just telling them about the act was enough.

Part 4

The idea to "Pay It Forward" is important because this idea was made to change the world positively. Now I know this sounds like one of those normal everyday change the world sort of things but this idea is different.
The Pay It Forward act has been going on for a very LONG time already and it is still active today! The Pay It Forward Act is really successful and we hope that it continues on as of today. Our act of Kindness definitely made a difference because not only did we donate money, we also put smiles on peoples faces.

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