Monday, January 13, 2014

Gabby's scribe post #2

Multiplying integers: Positives and Negatives

Today during class we learned how to multiply integers! 

Multiplying positives:

We started off with a very simple question and it was:
(+4) x (+3)= 12

Figuring out the answer is simple if you write the question down first. In this case the question in L.A form would be 4 groups of 3. This means: 3+3+3+3= 12, this is called repeat addition (skip count).

Even if this is a simple question we have to model the question to show our work.
Remember to group your integer tiles!
Lets practice on one more multiplying positive integers question.

2 groups of 3. 3+3=6

Multiplying with negative and positive integers:

To make this question easier you must write it down in words.

Negative 4 remove groups of positive 3. To remove something that isn't there you must use zero pairs, in this case you have to use 12 (=4x3).

Positive: Blue
Negative: Red
Now that you have your 4 groups of 3, like in what we wrote later we have to "remove 4 groups of positive 3".

Negative x Negative multiplying.

 (-2)x(-3)= +6

 Negative 2 remove groups of negative 3= positive 6
Remove 2 groups of negative 3:


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  1. Great job on explaining and on your pictures. that's a great explanation, i really liked your pictures, they were very understandable and easy to read and very simple. great job, also add a video. Also remember to delete all those spaces at the bottom (I do that too) keep up the great work, i really liked it.




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