Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sophia's Pay It Forward

Part 1:
Pay It Forward is random acts of kindness you do to 3 people. Then those 3 people will do acts of kindness to 3 more people. Then it will repeat to those different people and so on. Those people could be a family, stranger, friend, or just someone you know. Its something you do just because you want to, not to get money or you can do it to maybe make them happy or make their day when they are sad.

Part 2:
My act of kindness was to give thanks for everything I have, so I gave my parents a note and wrote how thankful I was. I chose this activity because it was something I wanted to do and also to make my parents know how much I love them. I guess I helped my parents, to make them smile and to let them brighten their day. What I did was I got a piece of paper and wrote my "thankful" thoughts and given it to my parents. Well, I did this act of kindness today, because I planned this but like hesitant to give it because I was shy.

Part 3:
My act of kindness went well, they were happy about the letter. What happened was they were pleased to read the letter they smiled. It made me feel really happy that they liked it, even if there was no reward I was very happy. Well the reaction of the reading I wasn't really there in their face so.. yeah. but I think they would have cried a little bit. Well I didn't ask them to "pay it forward" because I forgotten, and yeah so I will actually do that.

Part 4:
The idea of Pay it Forward is important because I think people should think about each other more. I think that thinking only about your self makes you quite selfish and well, its nice to give random acts of kindness to people even if you don't know them. It may just be like opening the door for them little as that sounds it makes them happy because well they might of have many things in their hand. I also think that people should care about their people because well, you cant really talk to a monkey or a duck I guess you can be friends with them.?? Has my act of kindness made a difference? Well I don't know if my act of kindness made a difference I guess it would because if someone is happy they would help someone else?

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