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Integer Scribe Post

Integers are negative and positive numbers which can be modelled with integer chips or a number line.

Number Line

Integer Chips

Adding Integers
You can think of adding integers in terms of money, like owe and have.
The negative number is what you owe and the positive number is what you have.
The addition sign just means and.
Ex: (-6) + (+4) = (-2)
    I owe 6 and have 4 = I owe 2

using integer chips you have to look for zero pairs. A Zero Pair is made when opposite quantities combine to make zero.


When adding integers with the same sign, you keep the sign and add the value of each number. Its just basically adding.

Steps on how to add integers with the same signs:
(-6) + (-4) = ?

1. Keep the sign. (-)
2.Add both numbers together.  [6 + 4 = 10]
3.Put in the sign with the numbers that were added up and that is your answer.  (-10)

(-6) + (-4) = (-10)

When adding integers with different sign, you keep the sign of the integer that has the largest value and then take away the smallest value from the largest.

Steps on how to add integers with different signs:
(+6) + (-4) = ?

1.Find the integer that has the largest value and keep the sign.
                           6 is larger than 4 so we keep the sign of the number 6 which is a positive.
2.The (-4) then becomes into a (+4)
3.Subtract the smallest integer from the largest integer and you get your answer.   (+6) - (+4) = (+2)

* Positive numbers are just the same as 6, 5, 24, 62, etc.

A video to help you understand on how to add add integers

Link to a game for integers:


  1. I really like how you highlighted the key words because it really helps me learn about which one is ''owe and which one is ''have''. Everything was neat and easy to read. You did a fantastic job:)

  2. As Jonathan said i liked how you highlighted the key words, that makes it easier to read and your pictures really explain what you're doing and your description is understandable. You did a great job! :)




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