Monday, January 13, 2014

Gabby's Pay it Forward post.

What is Pay it Forward? (Part 1)

   In my opinion, Pay it Forward is a random act of kindness towards someone or many;
 It is something that helps  younger (sometimes older) people understand further than just eating, sleeping and playing. It gives us a better understanding of the future and others.

  Pay it Forward was planned to spread random acts of kindness throughout our society, to give thanks to people because maybe in the past, present or in the future you may also need someone else' generosity.

My Pay it Forward: (Part 2)

  For my first Pay it Forward I decided on giving teachers and neighbors little notes that reminded them that they are important and that they should always keep a smile on there face everyday. I did this assignment on December 13th 2013 (Teachers), and December 22nd 2013 (Neighbors)

  My second Pay it Forward assignment  was to donate clothes and non perishable foods to Winnipeg harvest. This was due to the fact that there are millions of people who go homeless without food and need help to get back up on there feet. I did this assignment on January 3rd 2014.

 (First)  I picked this assignment to acknowledge the fact that they have helped me understand a life lesson nor an academic lecture. They took part of my life and helped me, which I am very grateful for.

(Second) I picked this other assignment because many kids go starving and with no clothes every year. It's sad to hear that us people in general think that food is an unlimited resources but really it's not.

Did it go well?: (Part 3)

  My first Pay it Forward assignment went well and I had a great time. At first I wasn't sure about how they would react (I signed all of the notes anonymous) but they seemed happy and seeing them smile also made me smile.

 My second Pay it Forward assignment went well and I found many things that my family and relatives no longer need. We tried our best to gather as much things as we can, and it was a huge success.

What I felt:

 I felt a bit sad due to the fact that people are homeless and starving but we take everything we have for granted. We never think about the food we waste and those people who don't have food.
  Why is Pay it Forward important to me? (Part 4)

  In my opinion Pay it Forward is important because it helped me mature and think about others and not only about myself. It helped me get a better understanding on other people and how I should be taking action. One little action such as giving a person a positive note may brighten up there day.

 Pay it Forward gives people a chance to give and not take. To show others that we should all be taking action towards small or rather large crisis' in the world.

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  1. Gabby you did a really good job and put a lot of effort, but maybe next time you could take a picture when you are actually leaving the note. You don't have to do that it is just a suggestion. Otherwise you pay it forward was good.




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