Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Zoe's Scribe Post #3

Multiplying integers: Positives and Negatives
Today during class we learned how to multiply integers! 
Multiplying positives:
We started off with a very simple question and it was:
(+4) x (+3)= 12
Figuring out the answer is simple if you write the question down first. In this case the question in L.A form would be 4 groups of 3. This means: 3+3+3+3= 12, this is called repeat addition (skip count).
+ + +     + + +     + + +
Even if this is a simple question we have to model the question to show our work.

Lets practice on one more multiplying positive integers question.
2 groups of 3. 3+3=6
Multiplying with negative and positive integers:

To make this question easier you must write it down in words.

Negative 4 remove groups of positive 3. To remove something that isn't there you must use zero pairs, in this case you have to use 12 (=4x3).

Positive: Blue
Negative: Red
Now that you have your 4 groups of 3, like in what we wrote later we have to "remove 4 groups of positive 3".

Negative x Negative multiplying.

 (-2)x(-3)= +6

 Negative 2 remove groups of negative 3= positive 6
Remove 2 groups of negative 3:



  1. Zoe, you did a really good job on explaining it I understood very well, but next time you could add pictures to go along with your questions.

  2. Good job, you explained it well but add picture to show your work and a video, also if you're multiplying (-4) x 3 it's not 'negative 4 remove groups of 3' it should be 'remove 4 groups pf 3' but good job explaining.

  3. Remember to add pictures and put your sets into grouping circles!




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