Sunday, January 12, 2014

Tyrell's pay it forward

Pay it forward is when you help someone without being asked and not taking a reward.

For my pay it forward I donated clothes to the Macdonald youth services shelter. I chose to do that for my pay it forward because I have lots if clothes that I either don't wear or don't fit me anymore. I  also gave timbits because who doesn't enjoy timbits. Another reason why I chose to do this is because there are many teenagers that are not fortunate enough to have proper clothing to wear. I was not allowed to take photos in the shelter due to safety and privacy concerns. instead I have a photo of me by the building.

To learn about Macdonald youth shelter click this link 

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Another thing that I had done for my pay it forward was giving coffee and donuts to fire men. I also gave donuts to the people outside Silom mission. I did this on Christmas morning.

Anyways it felt pretty good doing my pay it forward and its very easy to do. It was a good experience and I will remember it for a long time.

- Tyrell Morin

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