Sunday, December 29, 2013

Angel's Pay it Forward

Part 1
"Pay it Forward" is a random act of kindness done towards an individual or a group of people. If by chance he, she or they would like to repay you for your deed, you could instead just tell he, she or they to "Pay it Forward" giving them a chance to do something nice for 1 or more other people.

Part 2
My "Pay it Forward" act of kindness was serving and performing for the seniors at the Betelstadur home. I chose this activity because it was an idea that my friends and I thought of on our own and we thought "Hey! Why not start off their day with a little smile caused by a couple of strangers?" We helped the seniors and did it by getting them cups of coffee and plates of food while they were talking to their neighbours and enjoying the drawings and messages in the Christmas cards we gave them. We did our act of kindness around noon on Christmas Eve.

Part 3 
I think our act of kindness went pretty well. We went to the sun room, prepared the food and were gladly welcomed with open arms. After a while of serving them coffee and food, we performed a song for them and were gladly praised. I felt at first relieved that they would take time off their day to come out of their rooms and see what we had prepared for them. Seeing their smiling faces was heart warming and nice. As for their reactions, I was happy to hear that they were amazed that young girls like me are taking time off their day to do something nice for a bunch of strangers without anything in return. We had a speech after our performance telling them the meaning of "Pay it Forward" and encouraging them to pass it on to others. I don't remember their reactions to our request but I hope they consider doing a random act of kindness to another stranger or to someone they know. 

Part 4
I think the idea of "Pay it Forward" is important because people are faced with problems everyday and sometimes doing a random act of kindness lightens up their mood helping that person face that problem and also to lighten up another persons mood. I do believe my act of kindness made a difference because it gave them something to remember on a rough day that can make them smile.

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