Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Janette's Percent Post

A percent is...

A percent is something that is out of one hundred.

What does 100% mean? How do you find 100%?

100% means that everything would be completed. ex: If you just took a test, then you had gotten all the answers correct, you would've had 100% because you received the most marks you could get on that test.

Finding 100% would be more on the other side. To find 100% is just having all completed.


To find 10%, you just divide the whole (100%) by 10. (100/10 = 10)


To find 1%, you divide the whole number by itself, giving you the one percent while the decimal jumps two place values.


To find 25%, you just divide the whole by 4. (100/4=25)


To find 50%, you divide the whole by 2. (100/2=50)

Representing Percent



12 3/4%

Converting Percents, Fractions, and Decimals

Convert the Fraction to a Decimal and to a Percent


3/40 (3 divided by 40) = 0.075

To convert a fraction to a percent, you just divide the numerator by the denominator.

0.075 (x100) 7.5% ____ ____
  1 (x100) 100
To convert the decimal from the fraction to a percent, you need to get the denominator of the decimal (the denominator is always 1, one.) Then, the next fraction would be the 100 because that's what all percents are out of. Then, to get the percent, you just multiply the denominator of the decimal by 100 to get to the other fraction. And what you do to the bottom, you do to the top too. So then you just got the percent once you multiply the top decimal.

Just add a percent sign then you are done.

Converting the Decimal to a percent and fraction

0.268 = 26.8 26.8%
____     ____    
  1      =  100           

To convert a decimal to a percent, you just do what I have done above.

Converting the decimal to the fraction is a little bit more easier (in my opinion anyways)

First, you just find put it into a form of a fraction. The bottom part being the whole, so to find the denominator you put a '1' where the whole number would be on the decimal, then the rest of the spaces with '0's (zeroes)

After then the decimal would just be the number already.

Simpler terms? Just say the decimal outloud. After you just put it into lowest terms.

Finally, Converting a percent to a decimal and a fraction. 


To convert a percent to a decimal, you just divide the number by 100.

750/100 = 7.5

To convert the percent to a fraction, you just put it into a fraction of 100. In this case, since the percent is over 100, it would be a mixed number. Which is 7 1/2, since it was put to lowest terms


20% of 60 

Mental Math:

Calculator: 20/100 = 0.2

0.2x60 = 12.

0.1% of 40 

Mental Math:

Calculator:  0.1/100= 0.001

0.001 x 40 = 0.04

250% of 400

Mental Math:


250/100 = 2.50

2.50 x 400 = 1000

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