Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Rona's Pay it Forward

Part 1
Pay it Forward is doing a random act of kindness towards someone you know, a stranger, or a group of people. You could even be anonymous while doing your act. If the person/people ask you for anything you want in return, you tell them to Pay it Forward, meaning they will also do something nice for a person/group of people.
Part 2
My Pay it Forward act of kindness was helping my mom out with her errands.
I chose this activity because I never do chores at home. My mom takes care of everything. I thought that I would help her out a bit.
I helped my mom.
I took out the garbage and recycleable products.
I did my act of kindness on December 22nd, around 4:30 PM.
Part 3
It went well. 
I saved my mom some time. 
It felt nice helping my mom out with house errands for the first time.
My mom was very greatful.
I didn't ask her to Pay it Forward.
She didn't have a reaction, since I didn't tell her.
I didn't ask her to Pay it Forward because she wouldn't be able to find the time to do it. She's sort of a busy person.
Part 4
The idea of Pay it Forward is important because it's nice picturing a ton of people doing nice deeds for each other without asking for something in return.
The difference my act made wasn't big, but it saved my mom more time. She was getting the house ready for Christmas/New Year's/my dad's birthday. She was preparing food, and cleaning the place up. She even cleaned our pet fish's tank, haha. Then I was just sitting there, on my iPod. After seeing her work so hard, I decided to help her out.

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